Black Assorted Font Or Face Halloween Pumpkin Window Door Halloween Sticker Labels



1. Ensure that your chosen surface is clean, dry and free from dust.
2. Use your squeegee or credit card to rub over the decal, ensuring that all parts of the design adhere to the transfer tape.
3. Turn your decal over and carefully peel away the backing paper, starting from a corner and pulling it back on itself rather than upwards.
4. If any parts of your design lift with the backing paper, place them back into position and rub over them again.
5. Once the backing paper is removed, carefully place your design with the sticky side down onto your surface.
6. Begin by gently rubbing over the transfer tape, then repeat with firmer pressure. The goal is to push the air out towards the sides for a smooth, flat finish.
7. Carefully remove the transfer tape using the same method as you did with the backing paper.

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